Not Your Average Sour Patch Kid


Sour beers, especially sour IPAs, have been blossoming over the past year. Many breweries are adding different fruits and citrus-style hops to their beers to cater to the light beer drinking market. Lots of people, like myself, stray away from IPAs. Either you love them or you hate them. But who could hate a well balanced IPA full of Citra hops and pineapple flavors? I know I would be the first person in line to try that beer.

A lot of sours on the market are a Belgian style, like lambics, but there are other styles like the American wild ale or a gose. Sours make your lips pucker, your taste buds do a back-flip and often make you feel that slight buzz quicker due to higher alcohol content. Not all sours are made the same so some have a lower ABV, like the Lagunitas Aunt Sally Aunt Sally at 5.7%. The Aunt Sally is a cheap sour, only $5 for a bottle at most restaurants and around $12 for a 6 pack at the store. Others, like Monk’s Cafe Flemish Sour Ale and Flander’s Red Sour, run a little pricey but most sour enthusiasts know what they are getting themselves in to when searching for a new sour to try. Wild yeast brettanomyces give red sour ales a sourness that can be very quenching. Fruit notes, like cherry, are often found in red sours.

Finding great sours in Morgantown is not the easiest task in the world, but checking out local menus at is a sure fire way to land on a sour.

Check out this article on fruity, sour, tart and bright IPAs:


Information and Pictures:


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