It’s a Craft Beer Conversation

Good Beer Hunting, Guys Drinking Beer and Beer Sighted are three blogs that I follow and are all relevant to BeyondCraftBeer. However, they all have components about them that set them apart from each other.

The majority of conversation on beer blogs are about new microbreweries that are popping up around the country, and world. Some blogs focus on rating the beers that they tried, criticing the atmosphere of the tap house and deciding whether or not this brewery is worthy of expansion and attention. Some other blogs just enjoy traveling to new breweries, or old, to try beers that people are already talking about. These blogs are more interested in getting to know the brewmasters, sampling the beers and enjoying the experience rather than criticising every thing that is happening at the brewery.

From these three blogs, I have gathered knowledge about different breweries that are either too small or too far away for me to ever really come across. Also, in Good Beer Hunting (GBH), I really enjoy the length of their pieces. It feels like almost a documentary with how much material is presented in every post. But I also like the briefness sometimes provided by Beer Sighted.

Good Beer Hunting offers an incredible amount of information about many different subjects that all have beer as their common denominator. This previous tweet isn’t focused on beer, but is important to GBH because people that love beer are lobbying against marijuana reform. I really enjoy browsing their Twitter because I am always surprised by something they post.

This tweet is a perfect example of how GBH engages in conversations that go beyond themselves. They offer the gist of the post and tell readers why it matters and why they should care. They are everything I am striving to be in a beer blog.

Enjoy a Cold Beer Conversation.


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