Craft Beer & Oktoberfest: Why can’t we be friends?

To wrap up this week’s bog postings, I decided to share an article that caught my attention. As I browse through my blogroll full of craft beer news, reviews and breweries, I came across an opinion piece about “craft beer never having a place at Oktoberfest.” I thought the idea was completely ludicrous and couldn’t imagine not having craft beer at one of the oldest beer traditions of all time.

When I say Oktoberfest, I mean the real shindig in Munich, Germany. The article puts it like this- “modern craft brewing is only 40 years old so comparing it to centuries of brewing tradition is tough.” This point presented at the very beginning of the article sets up the rest of the piece to be a comparison and explanation of why Oktoberfest is a sacred tradition.


Also, it is incredibly important to understand the beer purity law, or the Reinheitsgebot in German. This law limits and regulates all the ingredients in the beers brewed in Germany. Most modern craft breweries do not follow this purity law, therefore cannot be a part of Oktoberfest.

“The art of brewing is to use only some ingredients and raw materials. For us, it’s an extra challenge to create such a diversity of beer styles within the [German] beer purity law.”

Martin Zuber, Paulaner managing director





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