Craft Beer loves Crazy Good Food

Beer and food simply work together. Pairing a hop-forward IPA with a spicy dish, or a light blonde or Pilsner with a simple and classic meal, like a salad or cheese pizza, or a malt-forward porter with a smokey cheese. All of these things just work together for a bigger cause. That cause? Satisfying your palette.


A quick run through of some of the most common food pairings: beerandfood

Barbecue goes best with some interesting beers such as chile beers, smoked beers, Baltic porters, American brown ales and porters and stouts, and light lagers, and many more.

What about grilled meats that aren’t technically barbecue? Wheatwine, Weizenbock, Flanders red ale, Irish dry stouts, and many more compliment grilled and smokey meats.

Sunset offers a detailed pairing guide including wine and beer that match up with their favorites recipes. Carne Asada paired up with double IPAs sounds magical, doesn’t it? The spicier with the most hops, the better. Seafood (my main love) goes well with Saisons, the “champagne drinkers” beer. Having a light option to fall on is my saving grace because I personally love light, bubbly, sweet, tart, and sour beers and hard ciders.

If you have Adobe on your computer, phone, tablet, what have you, then you have to visit World Class Beer’s module on food and beer pairings:

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