The Magic is in the Barrel

This dark sour ale from Port Brewing and the Lost Abbey is packed with lime, tequila spices and the perfect touch of salt. I am a sour lover, but barrel aged? Not sure. This beer just hit the California market on Sept. 23, making it extremely far from my reach, but might give me a reason to travel to the west coast for some tequila beer.

Barrel aging beer in tequila, whiskey or bourbon barrels has become increasingly popular. Usually seen with darker beers, aging a light lager in a bourbon beer allows for an incredibly complex brew.

This is a little information on barrel-aged beers:

Finding barrel aged pours has become easier, some ciderys are even adding bourbon flavors to their hard ciders, like the Sonoma Anvil.


There is usually a heavier mouthfeel, with bourbon in the aftertaste and provides aromas. Some barrels are burned or charred on the inside to enhances flavor and smell even more. There is a lot more labor that goes into brewing barrel aged beers which often hikes up the price, but like sour beer lovers, most barrel aged fans understand the increased cost for something that is usually brewed only once or a few times a year.

I think aging beer in barrels give the beer more raw feel and reminds me of how alcohol was accidentally made back hundreds of years ago.

Here is an awesome list of some of the best barrel-aged brews to be found:

What do you think? Should two worlds really collide with hard spirits and beers and ciders?



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