Home Brewing Hype

We can’t talk craft beer without talking about brewing your own batch at home, right?

I have never tried to brew my own beer. I also have a really hard time cooking pretty much anything so I tend to shy away from things that involve some sort of cooking like process. That being said, I have always wanted to brew my own beer because sometimes I feel like I could make a brilliant beer, but I know I would be the only person to drink it because I would somehow find a way to ruin it epically.

There are contests all over the world that allow for home brewers to showcase their bottled (or keg) babies. Different festivals and groups, like the American Homebrewers Association, offers collaborative home brewing contests that provide medals and of course bragging rights to people everywhere. The AHA and the BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program) administers competitions to people interested in holding home brewing contests and provides medals to the winners of the contests.

This guy shared his ever so pleasant home brewing experience with a pretty interesting device.



This home brewing device, Pico from PicoBrew, is a $799 brewing device that can make brewing a beer “as easy as turning on the coffee maker.” The CEO of PicoBrew, Bill Mitchell, used to be a vice president at Microsoft, but shifted his focus to providing access to all beer geeks to brew their own beers at home. Mitchell focuses on quality and doesn’t want to be grouped with all the other home brewing kits that can be found on any given shelf during any “manly” holiday season. Most home brew kits allow for you to make alcohol, but is it drinkable and enjoyable? Most likely not.


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