Patagonia and Beer

So Patagonia collaborated with Hopeworks Urban brewery out of Portland, Oregon and they made a beer that is good for the planet.

The Long Root ale is a 5.5% easy drinking grapefuit tasting american pale ale with a balanced malt presence. The ale is made with 15% Kernza, which is a wild grain that requires a small amount of water to grow, builds soil health and cuts the carbon output from the plant.

“It’s a new food crop that acts like a sponge for carbon,” says Birgit Cameron. Cameron is the senior director at Patagonia Provisions which is the brand’s food production division.

This isn’t the first beer Patagonia has touched though! In 2013, New Belgium (one of the best craft breweries to grace the planet in my opinion) brewed an organic lager called the California Route that Patagonia sold. This lager was only sold at a few Patagonia stores which made it hard to get your hands on. However, the Long Root Ale is now available at about 100 Whole Foods in Washington, California and Oregon.

This video from Patagonia’s Provisions website shows the Kernza grain from Kansas helps the environment and makes for a delicious brew.

Like what could be more perfect than enjoying a good-for-the-Earth beer in a Patagonia jacket next to a fire on a crisp Portland evening? I really don’t know, but maybe I should move to the northwest because they seem to have all the craft beer fun.

They even made cool howlers and growlers for the Long Root Ale!


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