Apparently “Craft Beer is the Devil’s Craft,” Who Knew?

So who knew that craft beer is the Devil’s craft and didn’t bother to tell me? All this time I have been walking around with a craft beer in my hand thinking I was singing the angel’s playlist.

Canyon News of Canyon, Texas printed an anti-craft beer ad last Sunday. The Anchor of Hope Baptist Church in Canyon takes full credit for this one.canyon.jpg

Everyone is entitled to their opinion and they can even publish it and make everyone believe what they believe. This is America. With that being said, the local craft brewery in Canyon decided to take matters into their own hands.

The Imperial Taproom posted this on their Facebook:

“We are offering a dollar off your bill at Imperial Taproom in exchange for this “Devil’s Craft” coupon that was printed in the Canyon News on Sunday. We’ll give you a dollar off for each one you bring in so feel free to bring multiple. Come enjoy some devilishly tasty craft beer and/or wine (grape juice with booze in it) with us! We’ll see y’all at the Taproom, cheers!”

*drops mic*

As a lover of all things marketing, I find this an exceptional way to overcome adversity, especially in a small southern town.

With over 500 shares and more than 1,000 likes on Facebook, this marketing strategy found itself hitting the headlines. Even Fox News covered this story.

The comments on Facebook are nothing short of hilarious. I see both points of view and honestly, I really like beer and wine so I think everyone should be able to drink without being judged, especially by some hardcore baptists that make you feel like a complete disappointment. The ad finishes up nicely with “Will we sell the youth of Canyon for the revenues of booze?” Like what do you mean? We are selling really awesome beer, not children.


This place looks really awesome and when I move to Texas in December, I will have to make a trip to Canyon (outside of Amarillo) and drink heavily with zero shame.


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