FliteBrite Eases Flying for Beer Drinkers

Flying, as in flights of craft beer, that is. 

Have you ever been at a micro-brewery, knees deep in a breakfast stout on a flight of the breweries four most popular beers and then all of a sudden you can’t remember which one is the porter and which one is the barrel aged brown ale? FliteBrite has solved this headache for all the beer drinkers with a “smart beer flight paddle.”


The FliteBrite allows for breweries to upload what each beer is on the paddle while the guest is drinking the beers. It can connect to wifi so it can be updated when kegs kick and taps change. FliteBrite works with Untappd to upload every menu selection onto the touch screen panel on the paddle (that’s where the little bird is.)

The paddles are liquid resistant and pretty thin so they don’t take up a bunch of space behind the bar, on a table or bar top. The battery life isn’t exactly stated but is expressed as “long-lasting” according to FliteBrite.

I could see this being used heavily by breweries and restaurants that specialize in craft beer because it allows for them to track what beers are being consumed most often, and what full pints sell after people get to sample them in their flight form.

Restaurants, bars and breweries can pre-order paddles now and be one of the first places to use the FliteBrite!


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