Stone Brewing: Trouble For One of the Best Beer Giants?

Stone Brewing, a craft brewery out of Pasadena, laid off about 5 percent of it’s workforce last week, according to Eater of Los Angeles. This means they let go of 60 employees out of their 1,200 person workforce. Craft brewery speaking, that is a massive brewing staff. Some of the employees had been with Stone for years but still received a strange email detailing what was about to go down.

There is no sign of Stone even slowing down in their marketing opportunities as they released an ice cream collaboration with Jeni’s Ice Creams.

So, what the hell happened, Stone?

“Due to an unforeseen slowdown in our consistent growth and changes in the craft beer landscape, we have had to make the difficult decision to restructure our staff,” said Stone.

As the ninth largest craft brewery in America and plans to open a brewhouse in Richmond, Virginia, you would think they would only be expanding their staff and not cutting it down. Does this mean trouble for the whole entire industry? Like if Stone can’t keep their staff then who can? We all know that craft beer can be very cut throat on the business side, but Stone has been hyped up as one of the craft beer gods for good reason. Their lineup has plenty of flavor and variety mixed with their awesome advertising skills. 2016_xocoveza_stats.png

This winter-spiced imperial mocha stout looks beyond amazing, but sadly is something I will probably never get to try due to the Stone drought in West Virginia. (I’m looking at you, West Virginia distributing laws) There is even Stone in JAPAN!!!! But not West Virginia. Definitely pouting.

All these amazing beers and you cut down your staff? None the less, you are still loved, Stone.


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