Majoring in Beer- Really?

Many college kids carry around a backpack with a notebook and a pen, some just for looks and others for actual use. But what if you carried a six pack of beers, and it was totally okay and a required material listed on the syllabus for the course? A local college in the Dallas-Fort Worth area is making that dream come true for some college students by offering a brewing course.

Brewing Certifications. Credit to Eastfield College.

Eastfield College in Mesquite, Texas (a short drive from the heart of Dallas) is offering a Brewing Program, established in 2015. The Brewing Program, taught by Peter Boettcher whom has more than 30 years of brewing experience, is a two part program beginning with the Journeyman Brewer Certificate and then the upper-level Technical Brewer Certificate.

Tuition for the Journeyman Brewer is $3,600 and the Technical Brewer comes in at $6,000, both of which can be financed through FAFSA tuition grants to those whom qualify. Pretty pricey in my opinion, but the experience working with local breweries and the education of valuable brewing operations and and equipment, I think, is priceless.

Breweries Banner-1.png
Participating Local Breweries. Credit: Eastfield College.

Every Monday and Friday, according to last years schedule at Eastfield, the students work a 9-5 with local breweries and gain hands-on experience in the brewing world. The other three days are spent in a classroom learning.

Eastfield is not the first nor will be the last college to hold a brewing program. With over 4,000 breweries in America, the opportunities keep growing, especially in smaller up-and-coming areas like Richmond, VA and Morgantown, WV.

Asheville, North Carolina, the Mecca of craft beer, has a community college, Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College, with a two-year brewing, distillation and fermentation Associate of Applied Science program, which began way back in 2013.



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  1. Despite the fact that I’m not a big beer person I can totally see the worth in this program! If beer is someone’s passion its just like how journalism is my passion. Maybe these kids will create a beer that even I will enjoy!


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