Halloween Candy and Wine and Beer Pairings

Matching candy with your favorite styles of beer on Halloween is becoming increasingly popular. Looking ahead, we should also be thinking about candy and food  that will be surrounding us throughout November and December, but that will be a different story in itself.

Photo credit: Lindsay Ribe


This is an awesome Halloween candy and beer pairing chart to help direct all of us craft beer lovers in the right direction. Whether you’re sneaking your hand into your kids candy bag from their night out or just binge eating while watching Hocus Pocus, you have to pair every Twix perfectly with what is in your fridge, right?

I’m also a huge wine lover so obviously I have to include some indulgences on that part of the alcohol world.

Image credit: Vivino

Here is a video from a Kansas City news station pairing wine with Halloween candy:

When you become too old to trick-or-treat, that doesn’t mean the fun is over. You just begin trick-or-treating down the beer and wine aisle and grabbing a serious party size bag of candy to accompany your Halloween evening in.


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  1. I love this! I actually just got back from getting that extra large bag of half off Halloween candy and now I know what wines I need to go get! Just for future reference I would probably put the descriptors of the photos before the picture and not after.


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