Cannabis in Craft Beer Gains Speed

A story about weed-infused beer made it’s way into my path this morning and I couldn’t believe that it existed and also that I didn’t know that it existed. Personally, probably not my cup of tea, but I have always thought sometimes “dang, this IPA tastes like weed.” Which is a statement supported by the presence of hops in IPAs, which many varieties of can smell and taste like marijuana.

And apparently, brewing this type of beer has been around for years: this post is from way back in 2014. So how did I not know and what rock did it crawl out from under? Home brewing is something I definitely want to dabble into once I have a career to support the expensive habit, but I didn’t realize you could put bud into a Bud Light.

Important note: lots of these beers are legal because the strain of marijuana used does not contain THC (the active ingredient which gets people “high.”

Wicked Weed Brewing in Asheville, NC specializes in west coast hopped up beers, which their namesake plays off the earliest idea of hops being weed. Many people still think hops and weer/hemp are the same thing. To clarify: they are not. Wicked Weed also specializes in sour beers which is an ever growing portion of the craft beer world that is expensive, but indulgent and worth while.

Mt. Shasta Brewing Company in Weed, California (yes, really) has been brewing weed beer since 2003 and ever since has been under controversy. Their original beer caps “Try Legal Weed” was originally shot down by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) but then gained national attention for their progressive brewing and today proudly displays “Try LEGAL Weed” on every bottle they produce. They are mainly on the west coast, but do distribute to Connecticut and can ship their beers anywhere you want them to be shipped! Check out their Untappd page for more info on their best beers.

Credit to Mt. Shasta Brewing



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