About Beyond Craft Beer

BeyondCraftBeer is a blog that strives to provide current events, news, releases, and much more to the craft beverage society. The whirlwind success of craft brewing has taken over the world, ranging from huge beer cities like Portland, Oregon to smaller towns with a beating heart for craft brewing, such as Morgantown, West Virginia. This blog offers a unique insight on how Morgantown acquires new craft breweries and how restaurants, gourmet kitchen shops, and bars collectively push to bring new craft beverages into West Virginia.

Hi! I’m Brittany Angus and I am a fourth-year journalism major at West Virginia University in Morgantown, West Virginia. When I’m not working at a local pizza joint, I can be found cheering on the Mountaineer football team on game days, playing with my two beloved dogs, or completely engrossed in a book.
I have worked in a craft beer and specialty pizza restaurant for over two years. Over the years, I have been exposed to many craft breweries with different styles of beers and diverse approaches to selling their products. Throughout my training I have taken numerous beer classes and have become a Cicerone Certified Server. My love for craft breweries, especially craft hard ciders, has only grown stronger and has become more objective and informative as I continuously learn about the history of brewing. Local wine has also become a passion of mine because I believe supporting local businesses is integral to a thriving community.